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Desyrel (Trazodone) Reviews

“Trazodone is for all intents and purposes a miracle drug! Each time I take it, I fall asleep within 30 minutes and experience almost no side effects. I therefore recommend to try the drug to every other person who has issues with sleeping patterns.”



“Due to excess tension and anxiety as a result of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, my heart has been beating unnaturally faster. I have lost my breath severally and have been very sensitive to stressful situations. The drug has helped quell such tensions and keep my heartbeat normal. I now live a perfectly normal lifestyle as if I had not even had that issue in the first place.”



“About a year ago I got nasty post traumatic stress which I contracted in a car accident. I lost the freedom, joy and flexibility I once had and I almost gave up hope of regaining them. Couldn’t properly sleep as well. Ever since I started taking this drug, those issues have been greatly mitigated. I’ve been recovering all that I lost…”



“I am a student. I don't know why, but 3 months ago I developed terrible insomnia. I could not sleep at night and then spent the day completely wiped out. It really started to affect my studying. So to avoid problems at college, I had to go to the doctor. My doctor recommended Desyrel to me and sincerely, after taking the drug, I began to sleep properly again. My academic performance has improved dramatically, as have been my relations with colleagues.”

Neil M.


“The drug is very effective in relieving pain and inducing sleep. It is also non-habit forming in the sense that it does not elicit the feelings of addictions that may lead to dependency. My only issue with it is that it leads to fatigue and difficulty in waking up in the morning. All factors considered, I still declare it the best drug for my sleeplessness regardless of those few shortcomings.”



“I had to undergo a very acrimonious divorce around 3 months ago. I immediately became apprehensive, anxious, fearful, violent, and moody. I couldn’t sleep; I lost appetite, couldn’t focus my attention on tasks for longer, and became easily angered until I was introduced to this drug. I do take 50 mg in the afternoon and another 50 mg just before sleep. It induces relaxation, gentle restful sleep, and calmness. I really wonder how I would have coped with those situations without the drug!”



“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 50 years. The disease interfered with my agility and predisposed me to unnecessary fatigue and tenderness of the bodily joints so much so that I lost the ability to sleep uninterruptedly at night as I used to when I was young. This drug helped me deal with my problem, enabled me to regain my lost sleeping patterns.”

Terry W.


“I am 63 years old. This drug has enabled me to sleep for eight to nine hours uninterrupted each night, a feat which I last attained about 10 years ago. Moreover, when taken in moderation, it prevents the feeling of grogginess which is characteristic of more or less similar drugs.”



“Insomnia had always taken a toll on me since time immemorial. I found it hard to fall asleep, sometimes building castles in the air’ for up to three hours on the bed before finally falling asleep. I started taking Desyrel, just one 25 mg pill before going to bed. I all of a sudden started falling asleep swiftly. However, there is a slight side effect. Even though now I sleep 8-9 hours a night, I feel a bit groggy in the morning upon waking up.”



 “I was suffering from severe depression for quite some time. I tried several medications but none of them managed to cure the problem. All my hope of emerging from severe depression was virtually lost; that’s until my doctor introduced me to trazodone. I was put on a 200 mg dosage daily. Didn’t work immediately though. It was after a week or so when I felt the first positive effects.”

Marylisa Rimmer


“Desyrel has indeed worked for me. It has helped to considerably alleviate my headaches which I was experiencing frequently, and has also helped me manage anxiety. My only problem is that I often get groggy every morning whenever I take it late in the night.”